Studio Fontana Sound Effects Library

Over 2,600 Royalty Free Sound Effects

Studio Fontana Sound Effects Library is a 27 CD collection offering a great general selection of more than 2,600 high quality European and international sound effects. It was created by the professionals at Studio Fontana in the Czech Republic. Studio Fontana established the Fontana Music Library in 1991. They are well-known throughout Eastern Europe, providing complete music and sound effects services for television broadcasters, radio stations, movie producers, post-production studios, theatres, computer games and Web site production, and other multimedia applications. Providing many one-of-a-kind royalty free sound effects from a variety of different European locations – the Studio Fontana Sound Effects Library.


  • 2,632 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 27 CDs
  • CDs are available to purchase individually
  • Interior, Exterior & Tropical Atmospheres

Unusual and Hard to Find sound effects include:

  • Skoda and Lada Cars
  • Traffic in Seoul and the Streets of Cairo
  • Red Square, Havana’s Plaza de la Catedral
  • Pendolino Train

Studio Fontana Sound Effects Library
CD Content
Fontana 1 Ambience Tracks from City Environments
Fontana 2 Inside the House & Household Chores
Fontana 3 Common & Unusual Technical Equipment and Machines in Action
Fontana 4 Nature and Animals
Fontana 5 Unusual & Less Commonly Used Sound Effects & Automobile SFX
Fontana 6 Transportation, Sports, Coins & Fireworks
Fontana 7 Transportation, Industry & Agriculture
Fontana 8 House & Landscapes
Fontana 9 Weapons, Machinery, Sports & Human Sounds
Fontana 10 Animals, Household Sounds & Technology
Fontana 11 Sports, Animals, Household Sounds & Transportation
Fontana 12 Foley Sounds & Transportation
Fontana 13 Sports, the Arabic World & Animals
Fontana 14 School Atmospheres, Warning Signals & Different Tools
Fontana 15 Animals, Household & Technology
Fontana 16 Technology, Transport & Sport
Fontana 17 Animals, Transport & Reaction
Fontana 18 Transport, Machines & City
Fontana 19 Sport, Animals & Nature
Fontana 20 People, Nature, Industry & Machines
Fontana 21 Transport & City
Fontana 22 Industry & Machines, Household, Transport, Sport & Animals
Fontana 23 Animals, City, Nature & Machines
Fontana 24 Synthetic Effects 1 - for PC Games, TV & Broadcast Stations, Movie Trailers & New Media Productions
Fontana 25 Synthetic Effects 2 - for PC Games, TV & Broadcast Stations, Movie Trailers & New Media Productions
Fontana 26 City, Sport, Nature, Machines & Animals
Fontana 27 Animals, City, Nature and Machines

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Product Specifications
 2,632 Stereo Effects
 27 CDs
 CD Audio


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