Best of the Saul Zaentz Film Center Sound Effects Library

213 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 1 CD or Download

Best of The Saul Zaentz Film Center Sound Effects Library is a small gem of a royalty free sound effects collection. It offers more than 200 feature film and general sound effects, representing some of the Center's finest work. Based in San Francisco, the Saul Zaentz Film Center has provided filmmakers with first class sound facilities and some of the best sound editors, mixers and Foley artists in the business since 1979. With more than 20 Academy Awards to their credit, Saul Zaentz and his team have produced many memorable major motion pictures, including One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The English Patient. This single CD (also available as a download) offers a unique selection of motion picture sound effects from ghosts and zombies to crashes and explosions – the Best of The Saul Zaentz Film Center Sound Effects Library.


  • 213 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 1 Audio CD or Download
  • Created by the award-winning Saul Zaentz Film Center

Great Sampling of Sound Effects Categories including:

  • Animals, Bodyfalls, Riots
  • Crashes, Explosions, Impacts
  • Whooshes, Wind, Water
  • Rumbles, Creaks, Squeaks… and more

Unique sound effects include:

  • 1942 Norton Motorcycle
  • Victrola Gramophone
  • Ghost Evaporation and Supernatural Splashes
  • Zombie Moans and Sandstorm Howls



The Saul Zaentz Center is grateful to the following people for their contribution to this library: John Nutt, David Parker, Michael Kelly, Doug Murray, Kyrsten Comoglio, Mark Berger, Leslie Shatz, Michael Pelino, Steve Shurtz


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Product Specifications
 0.70 GB @ 16/44.1
 1 CD
 213 Sound Effects
 CD Audio or Download


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