Digiffects Power Pack Sound Effects Library

More than 1,700 Pre-boosted High Powered Sound Effects

Digiffects Power Pack Sound Effects Library is a royalty free sound effects collection of high powered and superior quality processed sound effects created to save you valuable production time in situations when ordinary sound clips just aren’t strong enough. This collection of sound effects provides more than 1,700 pre-boosted effects. All the sound effects are packed with tremendous impact and processed to the limit. All of the effects are designed to be combined with each other to give you maximum flexibility and power. Available as a complete 7 CD set, a complete library download, or as individual CD downloads – Digiffects Power Pack Sound Effects Library.


  • 1,743 royalty free sound effects Digital stereo sounds
  • Processed, Hi-Impact, and Extreme sounds include: Science Fiction, Impacts, Sports Comedy, Crashes, Weapons
  • Available on 7 Audio CDs Purchase as complete collection or individual CD downloads as 16/44.1 wav files
  • Complete Power Pack Sound Effects Library is also available as a Download




Digiffects Power Pack Sound Effects Library
CD Description # of Sound Effects
P01 Synthetic Media FX - Production Elements 268
P02 Synthetic Media FX - Musical Elements & Sci Fi 131
P03 Processed Sound FX - Weapons, Impacts, Sports 338
P04 Processed Sound FX - Transport, Tools & Industry 137
P05 Cartoon Sound FX - Cartoon & Comedy 221
P06 Processed Sound FX - Weapons & Impacts 355
P07 Processed Sound FX - Crashes & Impacts 293

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Product Specifications
 1,743 Stereo Effects
 2.80 GB @ 16/44.1
 CD Audio or Download
 Individual CD Download @ 16/44.1


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