Mix III Imaging Elements

1000 Imaging Elements - Available on CDs or as a Download

Mix III Imaging Elements offers a superb package of almost 1,000 royalty free production elements of virtually every description. Featuring a wide variety of music clips and sound effect tracks, Mix III was designed specifically for audio imaging use. This 5 CD set is stuffed full of specialty beds, stingers, intros, segues, fanfares, underscores and drones and more. This library is also available as a Download. The Mix III - imaging elements to pack a punch and spark new life into your productions. This is a versatile and dynamic production elements collection – Mix III Imaging Elements.


  • 1,000 royalty free production elements
  • Available on 5 Audio CDs
  • Also available as a download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats

Includes music clips and sound effects tracks:

  • Drama to Hip Hop, News and Sports to Comedy
  • Mini Beds and Promo Beds
  • Bumpers, Stingers and Segues
  • Lasers, Sweeps and Drones

Mix III Imaging Elements
CD Content
Mix #21 Rock Beds, Dance, Hip Hop & Funk, Stingers, Bumpers, Licks and Segues
Mix #22 Logos, FX and FX Music
Mix #23 Mixed Bag: News, Weather, Sports, Fanfares, Comedy, Country, Jazz, A/C, Electronic, Drama Seques and Drama Underscores
Mix #24 Stagers, Sweepers, Lasers and Drones
Mix #25 IDs, Work Parts, MiniBeds and Promo Beds

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Product Specifications
 1000 Elements
 2.20 GB @ 16/44.1
 5 CDs
 CD Audio or Download


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