Noise Generator Production Elements

1875 Production Elements

Noise Generator Productions Elements is a mother lode of organically based sound-design elements, providing sounds to perfectly accent video transitions, graphic packages or footage of exploding livestock - creative, attention getting elements that offer creativity up the wazoo - or anywhere else you may want it. This four disc collection of royalty free production elements was designed to sound completely different from all the rest and after months of consultation with producers we created this collection of sounds that would stand out and physically knock people off their feet - Noise Generator Production Elements.

Most of the 1,875 sounds on these discs started as real sounds, then we took these sounds and processed the living daylights out of them using digital audio workstations and state-of-the-art digital signal processors. Finally, they were mastered through high-end gear to end up with an incredible sounding product - but incredibly unhappy neighbors. Noise Generator comes with four color-coded, fully-indexed audio discs and a 40-page booklet, giving comprehensive information on all of the sounds on the disc, organized by type and sound length.


  • 1,875 royalty free production elements
  • Available on 4 Audio CDs
  • Organically based sound-designed elements
  • Attention getting elements that won’t put you to sleep
  • State of the art sounds
  • 40-page booklet included


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Product Specifications
 1875 Elements
 4 CDs
 CD Audio


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