Advanced Audio FX Pro Edition Sound Effects

Sound Effects for Game Developement and Interactive Entertainment

AFX- Advanced Audio FX Professional Edition Sound Effects Series - The leading edge library designed specifically for game developers and interactive entertainment producers.

Advanced Audio FX is a unique and affordable sound effect library that offers unprecedented audio fidelity, creativity, sonic inspiration, all digital recording, multi-format files, highlighted loop points in the data file, easy to use documentation for quick and effortless sourcing, license free usage, with a wide variety of categories to bring your wildest imagination and worlds to life. AFX is truly the skeletal frame work for all of your game sound effect needs.

Advanced Audio FX Online offers a dedicated web resource for users to learn about looping, editing, suggestions, tricks and more professional game and interactive audio information. So whether you’re working on Console, PC, Web, or Wireless games; AFX brings vision, emotion, drama and the ultimate killer audio to your game production. Step up to professional-grade AFX.

The AFX Series includes the following categories:

Electronic, Foley, Ambient, Creatures, Weapons, Explosions & Destruction, Transportation, Interface and More!


  • All Digital Recording
  • 16/44 and 24/48 wav files
  • Detailed Meta Data for easy project tracking
  • Track & Content listing
  • Highlighted loop points in the data file
  • Available as a Download


$88.00  $175.00 USD

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Product Specifications
 455 Sound Effects
 792 MB
 Download Only


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