Game FX - Game Sound Effects

820 Earth Shattering Effects as a Download

Game FX features more than 800 sound effects custom-created in the style of both modern games and 1980s classics, and running the gamut from button presses and energy hums to interface design elements. It also features a unique and impressive array of military grade weaponry recorded live in the field. Beautifully recorded in 24bit 96kHz stereo, Game FX provides a wealth of one of a kind elements suitable for film, television, radio, game and web projects of all kinds.

Game FX is the work of Jim Stout, one of the industry’s most talented young sound designers, and creator of the popular Hollywood Edge collections Title FX Volume 2 and Tonal Atmospheres. For Game Effects, Stout recorded gun fire on a 900 acre ranch in Louisiana, including the sounds of machine guns, Uzis, silencers and many other rare and difficult to record weapons. Stout also recorded a variety of impact sounds involving metal, wood and earth surfaces.

“Advances in portable recorders have made it possible for me to be stealth-like when capturing sounds in the field,” Stout said. “I prefer to record live as real-world sounds have a complexity that no computer algorithm can match!"

Features of Game Sound Effects Library:

  • 820 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded in 24bit 96kHz stereo
  • Originally available on 4 CDs and 1 DVD, this library is available as a Download


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Product Specifications
 2.57 GB
 820 Foley Effects


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