Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects Library
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  • 0.50 GB @ 16/44.1
  • 1 CD
  • 665 Sound Effects
  • CD Audio or Download
665 Sound Effects of the Prehistoric, Fantasy, Alien, Monster, & Supernatural

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Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects Library

Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects is an out-of-the-world menagerie populated by all kinds of creatures from tiny to huge. In this jammed-packed CD you will find 665 science fiction sound effects covering all types of prehistoric, fantasy, alien, monster, supernatural, fairy and robot creatures – including many different varieties of cries and associated sounds. Some of the royalty free sound effects come from real-life animal sounds which were morphed into something else. Many other sound effects were created in the studio and fine-tuned to provide a full range of possible audio variations. The animal and creature sounds represented here are designed to be immensely versatile: use them for modern day exotic jungle beasts, for prehistoric creatures, or for futuristic aliens from other planets. There are small chipmunk-like creatures that scurry and flutter; large elephant-like creatures that stomp and rumble; thundering stampedes and plant monsters; dragons, shape shifters and cyborgs – Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects.

The creatures represented in this royalty free sound effects collection include the following:

Organic Creatures, Small to Large:

Mouse, Bird-Like, Chipmunk-Like, Mouse-Like, Dinosaur Hatchling, Bird-Like, Small Animals, Classic Jungle Birds, Small Animals, Laughing Creature, Sheep or Goat-Like, Weird & Humourous Creature, Cat-Like Growls, Roars, Hisses & Snarls, Strange Jungle Animals, Complex Cries, Fluttering, Mournful & Haunted Wails, Heavy Breaths, Elephant-Like Trumpeting, Pig-Like Grunts, Nasal Trumpeting, Complex Dinosaur Battle Screams, Grunting Cries, Hoarse Growls, Alien Cries & Calls, Sneezes & Coughs, Cow-Like Moos, T-Rex Attack and Challenge Cries, Groans & Grunts, Honking Cries, Guttural Rumblings & Roars, Angry Dinosaur Growls & Grumbles

Organic Body & Environment:

Creature Footsteps on Various Surfaces, Impact Tremors, Thundering Stampede, Eating Cracks, Crunches and Snaps, Wing Flapping on Flying Creatures, Flying Insects, Plant Monster FX, broken Foliage FX

Alien, Robotic & Supernatural Creatures:

Android, Cyborg Language, Help Droidbot, Robot Footsteps and Servo Motor, Robot Start-Up, Overload, Electric Discharges, Radio Control Frequency & Squeaking Joints, Alien Creatures, Dragons, Werewolves, Shape Shifters, Ghost Vortexes, Classic Tinkerbell Winged Fairy


Features of Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects Library:

  • 665 royalty free sound effects
  • Digital stereo sounds
  • Available on 1 Audio CD or as a 16/44.1 wav file download
  • Versatile animal and creature sounds




Created, Engineered and Produced By: John M. Peters

ReMastering Engineer: David Lukezic

CD Artwork By: Lauren Maloney & Maurizio Arena