Creatures Sound Effects Library Bundle
Product Specifications
  • 1 CD & 2 DVD ROMs or Download
  • 7900 Sound Effects
  • 9 GB @ 24/96
  • BWAV Files
7,900 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 1 CD & 2 DVD ROMs or as a Download

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  $225.00 USD

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Creatures Sound Effects Library Bundle

Creatures Sound Effects Bundle is more than 9 GB of high-definition source material so that you can create your own terrifying creatures – but it’s more than that. It is also a collection of ready to use pre-designed creatures that you can use straight from the box. With more than 7,600 sounds in over 1,000 files in this extensive sound effects library, the Creatures Bundle gives you the flexibility to create unique creatures of your own design. The “Creatures – Designed” collection offers more than 300 “ready to use” royalty free sound effects of outstandingly evil creatures. Huge and rumbling beasts, tiny and nasty insects, brutal and slippery zombies – plus the resources you need to build your own blood-freezing, nightmarish cast of creature characters – the Creatures Sound Effects Bundle.


Science Fiction Sound Effects Library:

  • Pre-designed Beasts and Creatures
  • 9 GB of source material to create your own



  • 7,900 royalty free sound effects
  • Hi Definition Stereo Sounds
  • Broadcast WAV files
  • Available in a 1 CD ROM and 2 DVD ROMs bundle
  • Also Available as a Download


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