Great Moments of the 20th Century Sound Effects Library
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  • 195 Sound Clips
  • 3 CDs
  • CD Audio
195 Voice Sound Clips on 3 CDs

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Great Moments of the 20th Century Sound Effects Library

Great Moments of the 20th Century celebrates the advent of broadcasting and recording technology in the early 20th century that allowed historic audio events to be documented, preserved, and shared like those of no previous 100 years in history. This three CD boxed set contains nearly 200 voice sound clips of the 20th Century's most important events - from Marconi's first transatlantic radio transmission in December 1901 to the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square on December 31, 1999. Each disc combines newsworthy political speeches and economic events with insightful pop culture. The accompanying 102 page booklet includes photos, informative essays for each decade, a time line, and a detailed track-by-track commentary for Great Moments of the 20th Century.



  • 195 voice sound clips
  • Available on 3 Audio CDs


Newsworthy political speeches

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt Declares War On Japan


News Flash Moments

  • News Coverage Of The Hindenburg Airship Disaster
  • President John F. Kennedy Is Assassinated
  • Elvis Presley Dies at 42

Copyright Notice: Although all of the speeches contained within this product are in the public domain, it may be necessary to obtain copyright clearance for commercial use of this material. For example, clearance for use of any Martin Luther King material must be obtained from Intellectual Properties Management at Fax number (404) 526-8969.


This Product Contains Restricted Sound Effects


Great Moments of the 20th Century Sound Effects Library