Great Speeches of the 20th Century Sound Effects Library
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  • 4 CDs
  • 68 Speeches
  • CD Audio
68 Well-known Speeches on 4 CDs

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Great Speeches of the 20th Century Sound Effects Library

Great Speeches of the 20th Century is a collection of 68 of the most well-known speeches of the 20th century, spanning the years 1908-1991. Each track in the 4 CD collection has been edited to include the most memorable phrases and noteworthy segments of historic audio. Every attempt has been made to include a variety of speakers to represent the political, historical, inspirational and topical subjects of that time. Voice sound clips that captured some of the world's great newsmakers own words – Great Speeches of the 20th Century.



  • 68 well-known speeches
  • Available on 4 Audio CDs


Voice sound clips include:

  • Political Characters
  • William Taft, Thomas Dewey, Harry Truman


Historic audio

  • Sputnik Launch, The Moon Landing


The Topical

  • The Fall of Dien Bien Phu, Russian Missile Crisis

Copyright Notice: Although all of the speeches contained within this product are in the public domain, it may be necessary to obtain copyright clearance for commercial use of this material. For example, clearance for use of any Martin Luther King material must be obtained from Intellectual Properties Management at Fax number (404) 526-8969.


This Product Contains Restricted Sound Effects


Highlights - Great Speeches of the 20th Century
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