XV Series Sound Effects
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  • 3,117 Sound Effects
  • Broadcast wav files
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3,000 Sound Effects as a Download

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XV Series Sound Effects

XV Series Sound Effects Library is a gallery of our very best sound effects. We have drawn together more than 3,000 royalty free sound effects representing over 60 major sound categories – and hand selected them from many of our most popular sound effects collections.


XV Series includes:

  • Air & Air Valves, Airplanes, Airport Ambiences, Animals
  • Animals, Arrows, Automobiles, Axes, Balloons, Bells, Bicycles, Birds, Boats
  • Boats, Bodyfalls & Bone Breaks, Boxes, Buses, Cameras, Canoes, Cards, Cartoon Sounds, Cases, Cash Registers & Casino Sounds
  • Chainsaws, City Ambiences, Clocks, Coins, Construction, Plastic & Styrofoam Containers, Country Ambiences, Ceiling & Wood Cracks, Crashes, Wooden Crates
  • Crowd Sounds, Debris, Dentist Sounds, Deposit Boxes, Doors
  • Doors, Drops, Earthquakes, Electrical Panels & Electricity, Elevators, Exercise Equipment, Explosions, Fair Ambiences, Farm Tractors, Fire Sounds & Equipment, Fireworks, Flags, Flame Throwers, Footsteps
  • Footsteps, Forest Ambiences, Burning Fuses, Gas Station Sounds, Gavels, Geiger Counters, Glass Sounds, Golf Carts, Gun Sounds, Handcuffs, Heartbeats
  • Helicopters, Horror & Vampires, Hospital Sounds, Household Sounds
  • Household Sounds, Human Sounds, Ice, Impacts, Industry Sounds, Insects
  • Jet Packs, Jet Skis, Jukeboxes, Jungle Ambiences, Kayaks, Ladders, Lighters, Lipstick Tubes, Locks, Manhole Covers, Marsh Ambiences, Matches, Microphones, Military Sounds, Morse Code, Motors
  • Motorcycles, Mountain Ambiences, Music, Newspaper Boxes, Office Sounds
  • Office Sounds, Parades, Pinball, Police Station Sounds, Popcorn Makers, Film & Slide Projectors, Radar Sweeps, Radio Sounds, Restaurant Ambiences, Robot Motors, Rock Falls, Roller Coasters, Room Tones, Safes & Vaults, School Ambiences, Sci Fi Sounds, Sculls, Servo Movements
  • Sirens, Snowmobiles, Sports, Stereo Equipment, Stock Exchange Ambiences, Street Sweepers, Suits of Armour, Swimming, Swishes, Swords & Sword Fights, Tape Cueing, Telemetry, Telephones
  • Teletype Machines, Toboggans, Tombstones, Toys, Traffic Ambiences, Trains, Trains, Tree Falls, Trucks, Turnstiles
  • Velcro, Vending Machines, Video Cassette Recorders, Volcanos, Wagons, Walkie Talkies, Water Sounds, Weather, Wheelchairs, Whips, Whistles, Whooshes, Zippers



  • 3,000 royalty free sound effects
  • Originally available on 15 Audio CDs & 1 DVD ROM
  • The “Best Off” selection from 60 major sound categories
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files and 128 kbps mp3 files



Executive Producer: Brian Nimens

Supervising Engineer: David Lukezic

Mastering Engineer: Carey Gurden

Technical Engineer: Scott Rogers

Original Recordings Engineered By: David Lukezic, Paul Hatanaka, Justin Mazeau

CD Artwork By: Lauren Maloney, Maurizio Arena