Detunized - Bob Skeleton Sleighs

Two Man Bob and Skeleton Sleighs

Bob Skeleton Sleigh library delivers exciting action sounds of Two Men Bob and Skeleton heroes that race down the tube at more than 100 kilometers perhour. The sounds of this library were taken from 9 spots along a track in the south of Germany. Each take is sorted and meta-tagged by recording spot and with this content you are able to assemble a complete run from start to finish or even to extend it by easily combining start sceneries, energetic passes in different speeds and noisy brakings down in the valley. Also, Bob Skeleton´s content is an inspiring resource for sound mangling experiments and artificial foley design.


  • 82 sound files
  • Recorded at 24/96 at specific spots along the track
  • 2 Man Bob and Skeleton Sled sound effects
  • Download only as 24/96 kHz wav files

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Product Specifications
 82 files
 830 MB @ 24/96
 Download Only


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