Detunized - Urban Crows

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Single crows and swarms

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Detunized - Urban Crows

Urban Crows is a library with interesting sounds of single crows and swarms. These birds deserve a lot more attention than they usually get. They are amazingly intelligent, social and by no means aggressive or monotonous when it comes to their communication capabilities. 


The library evolved throughout winter and was taken from the attic of a house surrounded by trees where the crows frequently stayed overnight. So it was possible to record them arriving in the evenings as well as hearing them chatting during the dawn. The library delivers a comprehensive arsenal of clearly distinguishable single caws, funny sighs or nervous screams that often evolve to a huge cluster of noises that indeed became stronger when the church bells begin to ring and the sun comes up. 


All takes are recorded in Mid-Side stereo, with Sennheiser MKH-70 shotgun for a strong mid-signal and AKG-C394B for the ambience.



  • 31 royalty free sound effects
  • Single crows and swarming crows recorded at 24/96 kHz
  • Download only as 24/96 kHz wav files