ShapingWaves | Sound Collections

Shapingwaves creates themed, royalty free downloadable sound collections: unique ambiences, foley and object recordings, as well as designed sound effects

Emulating the lo-fi, gritty, digital world of the early days of gaming
Crowds and atmospheres recorded at multiple airports
A comprehensive collection of designed sounds covering all types of alarm sounds
The vibrant ambience of Athens captured from a rooftop
192 kHz recordings of old, high powered motors, generators and switches

Static, buzz, hum and related sounds of flowing electricity in big and small devices
192 kHz sound collection of two antique German printing machines
Characteristic atmospheres, crowds and room tone recordings in and around New York City
Traffic atmospheres recorded from a balcony in Berlin at different times and weather conditions
Gas and water running through massive pipes and tiny pipes

Imaginary field recordings and atmospheres from distant planets
Close-up motor/rotor sounds of the DJI Phantom 2 multirotor quadcopter
A collection of designed vocal expressions of 50 friendly and very talkative robotic creatures
Stethoscopic recordings of heart, lungs, bowels and blood vessels
A collection of rural autumn atmospheres, recorded in the Wendland region of Germany

ShapingWaves Sound Collections