Shaping Waves - Wendland Autumn
Product Specifications
  • 3 hours of recordings
  • 45 sound effects
  • 6.4 GB @ 24/96
A collection of rural autumn atmospheres, recorded in the Wendland region of Germany

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Shaping Waves - Wendland Autumn

The Wendland collection does not focus on “pure” nature recordings, instead it captures a realistic sound portrait of the region the way it sounds today – including cars in the distance, farm work being done and other manmade sounds you’d currently hear in the area. At the time of recording it was early autumn, with a medium to heavy breeze creating some nice leave rustling and wind sounds in nearby bushes and trees. Some recordings contain birdsong and flying insects during the daytime, others include farm machinery and occasional swarms of geese heading south. The small town ambiences consist of crowds at a market and restaurants, as well as traffic – on a bench right next to the cars and off in the distance recorded from the top of a nearby hill.


More than 3 hours of countryside and small town ambience, including the following locations:

  • Trees and bushes in the wild
  • The forest
  • Open fields and wetlands
  • Shores of Jetzel river
  • Open windows at farm house
  • Tractors and farm machinery
  • Rural garden: morning, day, and evening
  • Outdoor restaurants
  • Next to a goose shed
  • Dannenberg Market
  • Hitzacker Graveyard
  • On board a small Elbe river ferryand more.


  • Forests, fields and wetlands
  • Markets, farms and graveyards
  • 45 recordings
  • Available to download as 24/96 kHz wav files
Audio Preview
  Wendland Autumn