Backyard Fun and Games – Royalty Free music

Playful, charming and sunny kid’s music

SM428 - Backyard Fun and Games is lighthearted, dancing and cheerful reflection of childhood. The music is playful, charming and sunny - with some relaxing moments for the odd break or nap. Featured instruments include keyboards, bass, trumpet, strings and piano. Each theme is provided as a full length full mix and full length alt mix (or underscore) track as well as 3 broadcast length versions.


  • 20 Royalty Free Music Themes
  • 100 tracks in all including full mix, alt mix and broadcast length versions
  • Sunny and playful children’s music
  • Download only as 16/44.1 wav files

Music composed by Bobby Cole (PRS)

Music published by S.I. Publishing (SOCAN)

$50.00  $99.00 USD

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Product Specifications
 1.45 GB @ 16/44.1
 100 tracks
 20 themes
 Download Only


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