Tune Drive 5 on Hard Drive

Over 3300 Royalty Free Music Tracks on a Hard Drive

Tune Drive 5 Royalty Free Music pulls together the contents of 50 outstanding production music albums and makes them available on 1 convenient hard drive. With more than 3,300 royalty free music tracks, more than 60 hours of great production music and spanning 17 varied and in-demand music genres, this buyout music collection includes both full and broadcast length royalty free music tracks all provided on the hard drive in 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav file format, complete with metadata – Tune Drive 5 Royalty Free Music.


  • Over 3,300 royalty free music tracks
  • 16 / 44.1 broadcast WAV files
  • Available on Hard Drive
  • Contents of 50 Production Music Albums, 60 plus hours
  • Representing 17 Music Genres: Children, Classic TV & Film, Corporate, Country, Dance & Club, Drama, Easy Listening, Jazz & Blues, Latin Music, New Age, News, Patriotic, Retro Rock, Rock, Romantic, Solo Instrument and World Music
  • Buyout Music Collection

Scroll down for links to all the albums included on this hard drive.

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$898.00  $1,795.00 USD

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Product Specifications
 16 / 44.1 broadcast WAV files
 Available on Hard Drive
 Buyout Music Collection
 Contents of 50 Production Music Albums, 60 plus hours
 Over 3,300 royalty free music tracks


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