Miscellaneous Car Sound Effects
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  • 767 MB @ 16/44.1
  • 89 car sound effects
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  • Driving on Different Surfaces
  • Miscellaneous Car Sounds
Miscellaneous car sounds and driving on different surfaces

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Miscellaneous Car Sound Effects

Miscellaneous Car Sounds is the twenty-second CD from the Series 5000 Wheels Collection which is available to purchase in its entirety.


This collection brings together a variety of driving sequences and car parts, and features car interior & car exterior recordings.


Highlights in the Collection include:

  • Backfires
  • Driving Over Metal Grating
  • Horn Doppler Effects
  • Dragging Mufflers
  • Driving through Puddles
  • Driving over Railroad Tracks
  • Driving over Spike Guards
  • Engine Starter Problems
  • Tire Squeals
  • Driving with a Flat Tire
  • Pulling On and Off a Dirt Shoulder
  • Driving on Dirt, Stopping on Gravel

89 Miscellaneous Car Sounds
CD Code 5022
Available as a Download
16/44.1 bwav files