Premiere Edition Vol. 8 Sound Effects

5.29 GB of Sound Effects from Alan Howarth

Sound designer Alan Howarth adds his hand-selected collection of vehicles to The Premiere Edition Sound Effects Series. A complete variety of moving vehicles. On the ground there are trains, autos, trucks, motorcycles, and tanks. For sounds in the air we have many of his great original recordings of jets, helicopters, planes and rockets. To create anything in or under water there are great collections of boats, ships and submarines. All these proven sounds give you the extra punch of hyper-realism used in so many blockbuster films. Alan’s selected effects are now available to integrate on top of our already extensive PE library.


  • 5.29 GB of royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded in stereo
  • Available as a Download
  • 16/44 or 24/48 format


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Product Specifications
 2,123 sound effects
 5.29 GB of Sound Effects


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