Imaging Beats Production Elements
Product Specifications
  • 1.7 GB @ 24/48
  • 267 Elements
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 3 formats
First Ever "Beat-Only" Production Tool

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Imaging Beats Production Elements

Imaging Beats Production Elements is a beat library built from the ground up for radio and packed with beats to give you that instant "larger-than-life" sound. This is the first-ever, all-original and royalty free, beat-only production tool for radio imaging and production. This collection contains over 200 royalty free musical elements in your choice of 3 broadcast wav file formats: promo beats, DJ beats, beat loops and instant jingles. As a bonus, you get basses, bass drones and bass loops. The average length of the beats in this collection is over half a minute, and unlike a loop repeating - the beats in this beat library progress throughout.


To an untrained ear, some beats sound so "full" that they can easily be mistaken for music, but most beats contain absolutely no harmonic content to avoid interfering with the musical key at hand. Add your own musical elements and you will find this collection an invaluable tool for TV, trailer and film work too. Although the beats sound "punchy" and "in-your-face", the amount of compression used during the production and mastering of Imaging Beats has been carefully adjusted to withstand further compression during mix-down and broadcast processing. Ready to use right out of the box – Imaging Beats Production Elements.



  • 267 royalty free musical elements
  • Digitally recorded in stereo
  • Originally available on 1 DVD ROM
  • Beat only production tool for radio imaging
  • Beat library with most tracks containing no harmonic
  • Able to withstand mix-down and broadcast compression
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files