Soundstorm Sound Effects Library

Over 52,000 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 1 Hard Drive

Soundstorm Sound Effects Library on hard drive is a massive collection of more than 52,000 royalty free sound effects. All effects are provided in 16 bit 48 kHz format with metadata, on a 320 GB hard drive formatted for either the PC or Apple platform. The hard drive is equipped with both USB and Firewire connections. This is your opportunity to own one of the most prestigious sound effects libraries available today - from SoundStorm - winners of an Academy Award® for The Ghost and The Darkness. The company's credits also include feature films like Tomb Raider, The Fast and The Furious, xXx, The Postman, Pleasantville, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Miami Vice (TV show), The Fugitive, Clear and Present Danger, Elf, The Sum of All Fears, Scary Movie, Three Kings, 8MM, LA Confidential, A Time to Kill, Dangerous Minds, Under Siege, Star Trek Nemesis, The Replacements, Space Cowboys, Dudley Do-Right, The 13th Warrior, Quest for Camelot, Speed 2, Absolute Power, Hollywood Homicide, Miracle, and many more. Brand new sound effects were created for every film, and this collection offers an astonishing gallery of general sound effects for every purpose you can imagine, and a few that you haven't thought of yet – Soundstorm Sound Effects Library.


Soundstorm Content Listing Excel File


Features of Soundstorm Library:

  • Over 52,000 royalty free sound effects
  • Sound Effects provided in 16 bit / 48 kHZ wav file format
  • MAC and PC compatible Hard Drive
  • USB and FireWire connections provided
  • Academy Award winning sound effects

Soundstorm Credits include:

  • Batman Forever
  • The Sum of All Fears
  • Speed 2
  • Star Trek Nemesis
  • Space Cowboys… and many more

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  $5,350.00 USD

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Product Specifications
 52,000+ Stereo Effects
 BWAV Files
 Hard Drive


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