Sound Ideas Ultimate Sound Effects Collection

163,500 Royalty Free Sound Effects on Hard Drive

Products Included in the Ultimate Sound Effects Collection
Product Product Product
Series 1000 Series 2000 Series 3000 Ambience 1
Series 4000 Hollywood Series 5000 Wheels Series 5000 Wheels 2nd Gear
Series 6000 The General Series 6000 Ext I Series 6000 Ext II
Series 6000 Ext III Series 6000 Ext IV Series 6000 Ext V
Series 6000 Ext VI Series 6000 Ext VII Series 6000 Ext VIII
Series 7000 Ambience II Series 8000 Sci Fi Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 2
Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 3 Series 9000 Open & Close Series 10,000 Ambience III
Series 11,000 Sports Series 12,000 Anchors Away Series 13,000 Ship Shape
Series 14,000 Ambience IV Amadeus Library The Art of Foley
Audience Reactions I & II BBC Sound Effects Library The Big Drone
The Big Whoosh 1-6 Cartoon Express Classic TV Sound Effects
Destructibles Dimension SFX Disney Ideas
Dark Elements The Dark Side of Sound Designer Sound Library
Club Elements Communications Crash & Burn
Elements Elements Cafe 1-10 Emergency Series
Guns Hanna-Barbera Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures
Imaging Accents Immersion Ambience Library Impact Effects 1-3
International SFX Library Jurassic Dinosaurs Just Birds & Animals I & II
Just Boom Trax Just Noise L2 Sound Effects
Larger Than Life 1 & 2 Latin Elements The Library
Lucasfilm Metropolis Sci Fi Toolkit 1 & 2 Mix III Imaging Elements
Mix VIII Imaging Elements Monsters & Creatures Nitro Elements
The Original Fart Collection Power Disruption PowerSurge 1 & 2
Prod Elements Toolkit Vol 1-8 Radioactive Rocky & Bullwinkle
Science Fiction SFX Library The SFX Kit Special FX
Speed Sports Music & Elements Squeaks & Creaks
Thrillers, Fantasies & Hauntings Thunder Series Trailer Trax
Turner Entertainment Co. SFX Twentieth Century Fox SFX Ultimate Foley Collection
Underwater Series Voice Kit Sound Effects Warner Bros. SFX
Wild World of Animals Wind Sound Effects World Series of Sound
Water Series Crime & Suspense Imaging Beats
Strike FX 1 Strike FX 2 Strike FX 3

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Product Specifications
 163,500 Stereo Effects
 BWAV Files
 Hard Drive


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