Audience Reactions II Sound Effects Library
Product Specifications
  • 0.80 GB @ 16/44.1
  • 2 CDs
  • 507 Stereo Effects
  • CD Audio or Download
A Collection of more than 500 Sound Effects on 2 CDs or as a Download

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Audience Reactions II Sound Effects Library

Audience Reactions II is an encore presentation – following up on the popular release of the first Audience Reactions collection. This library is also available as a download purchase. This royalty free sound effects library of audience sounds and crowd sound effects features a wide range of responses from fresh new faces: live theatre, studio groups - and more children, too. With a generous mixture of crowds, just male or just female audiences, and groups of children of different ages, Audience Reactions II offers applause, cheering, anger and booing, laughter, screams, and a full palette of vocal and emotional reactions from many different sets of voices. This 2 CD collection of more than 500 sound effects rings with genuine ovations and responses – Audience Reactions II.


  • 507 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 2 Audio CDs
  • Also available as a Download purchase
  • Digitally recorded stereo audio

Audience Sounds

  • Disappointed, frightened, surprised

Crowd Sound Effects

  • Booing, hissing, yelling

Children’s Audiences

  • Laughter, Yelling, Screaming




Executive Producer: Brian Nimens

Recording Engineers: David Lukezic, Paul Hatanaka, Justin Mazeau

Mastering Engineer: Paul Hatanaka

CD Artwork By: Lauren Maloney, Maurizio Arena

Special Thanks to Mark Banbury, Michae Murphy, and the audio & video students of the Rogers Communications Centre, Ryerson Polytechnic Universitym, Lydian Sound, Inc., 3rd Unionville Cub Pack/Rainbow Village Apres School, Maurizio Arena, John Bailey, Jetty Bostlund, Lorraine Elrick, Cathy Lindsey-King, Harry Lum, Lauren Maloney, Scott Rogers, Liane Sengdy, Pondside Pre School, Unionville, Katie Engand and the Grade 7 Class at Milne Valley Middle School, Linda Bingley, Cheryl Courtney, Ernie Fountain, David Lukezic, Henry Ma, Dorothy Partridge, George Seara, Joyce So