Crowds - Concert Audiences
Product Specifications
  • 24+ GB Royalty Free, State-of-the-Art Sound FX
  • 48kHz/24bit High Definition Audio
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata
  • Small, Medium, Large and Huge Concert Audiences
4,500 Sound Effects of Crowds and Concert Audience Reactions

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Crowds - Concert Audiences

CROWDS – CONCERT AUDIENCES is your best choice for designing realistic crowded concert audience ambiences with ease. Packed with thousands of single files for almost every possible scenario, we bring you the world’s probably biggest sound FX library of this kind and the ultimate concert audience toolkit. From smaller more intimate aulas or clubs to the huge and heavy sound of an enthusiastic open air or stadium atmosphere, you get a seemingly unlimited amount of real-live ambiences to conveniently pick from.


We went out and recorded aulas, studios, clubs, theatres, churches, concert halls, open air festivals and stadiums. Besides the mandatory applause we also captured varied audience reactions like cheering, shouting, mumbling and screaming. All this in multiple variations to perfectly blend them together. Most of the files come in quadrophonic recordings, meaning you have each the front and the rear recording as a stereo file and can mix it the way you want.


CROWDS – CONCERT AUDIENCES bursts at the seams. As one of our biggest SFX libraries yet, with a total size of more than 24GB and more than 4.500 files, it hardly leaves anything to desire.



  • More than 4,500 royalty free sound effects
  • 24+ GB royalty free, state-of-the-art sound FX
  • 48kHz/24bit High Definition Audio as a Download
  • small, medium, large and huge concert audiences
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata


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