XV Combo Sound Effects
Product Specifications
  • 10.6 GB @ 16/44.1
  • 4117 Stereo Effects
  • Available as a Download
  • Available on Disc
  • Hard Drive
4117 Sound Effects on Hard Drive or as a Download

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XV Combo Sound Effects

XV Sound Effects Combo is a collection of our very best royalty free sound effects, specially selected by our audio engineers from many of our most popular sound effects libraries. It includes more than 4,000 sound effects and covers over 60 major sound effect categories. This collection combines the complete contents of the XV Series and the XV Series 2 royalty free sound effects collections. Originally recorded in stereo at 16 bit / 44.1 kHz, the Download is offered in your choice of 3 sample formats: 16 bit / 44.1 kHz, 16 bit / 48 kHz, or 24 bit / 48 kHz. All WAV files have been embedded with improved metadata and are fully cross referenced for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software.



  • Combined contents of XV Series and XV Series 2
  • Content selected by Sound Ideas audio engineers
  • Includes both every day and one-of-a-kind sound effects
  • Available on Hard Drive, as a Download or on Disc
  • Broadcast Wav file format, with metadata


Downloads & Hard drives available in your choice of 3 sample formats:

  • 24 bit / 48 kHz
  • 16 bit / 48 kHz
  • 16 bit / 44.1 kHz

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