World Adventure Music - Royalty Free Music
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  • 13 Themes
  • 60 Tracks
  • 656 MB @ 16/44.1
  • Download Only
An exotic mix of fusion-formed themes: from romantic to dramatic & new age to dance

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World Adventure Music - Royalty Free Music

(SM300) - 13 royalty free music themes, each provided as a full length melody track and 3 broadcast length tracks: 60 second, 30 second, and stinger.  8 of the themes are also provided with alt mix underscore rhythm tracks. The CD contains 60 tracks in total. This intriguing collection spans the globe with an exotic mix of different cultures and fusion-formed themes.  The musical styles range from romantic to dramatic, and from new age to dance. A wide range of standard and ethnic instruments are featured, including shakuhachi, sitar, dulcimer, koto, shamisen and Afghani bagpipes.



  • 13 Music Themes
  • 60 Music Tracks
  • World Music and World Fusion
  • Download only as 16/44.1 kHz wav files


Musical Compositions by various composers - see track list for details.

Music published by various publishers - see track list for details.