Detunized - Room Tones Industrial Building

Hugely atmospheric surround sound ambience recordings

Room Tones – Industrial Building delivers hugely atmospheric ambience recordings gathered in an '80s Industrial Building in the east of Dresden, Germany. The recordings took place on a stormy and rainy Sunday. Due to the blank surfaces inside the building, thin single-glass windows and large air shafts, the weather elements got massively amplified by walls and floors. Additionally the rain water pipes are placed inside the building which caused a constant sound of flowing water. Also the sound of the central heating was clearly perceptible along the floors. The library contains 19 scenes recorded in 4-channel IRT surround. Each scene consists of 2 complementing stereo tracks and is more than 3 minutes long.


  • 76 files presented as 2x38 surround sound recordings
  • 4.2 GB of atmospheric ambience recordings
  • Download only as 24/96 kHz wav files

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Product Specifications
 2 x 38 surround sound files
 4.2 GB @ 24/96
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