Detunized - Around Bridges Berlin
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  • 5.4 GB @ 24/96
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Iron and steel elements from bridges around Berlin

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Detunized - Around Bridges Berlin

Around Bridges Berlin gets you sounds taken from the iron and steel construction elements of various bridges in Berlin. The entire library was recorded with a two-channel contact microphone setup and it features thrilling vibrations caused by passing cars, trucks, trams and metro trains. The material in this library is a comprehensive resource for creating otherworldly ambiences, futuristic pass-bys or eerie atmospheres with a touch of rusty steel and iron. 


Included Categories:

  • Arch Bridge Iron * Arch Bridge Steel Rivets
  • City Rail Bridge Iron * Flat Bridge River Iron
  • Metro Bridge Cross * Metro Bridge Iron
  • Railroad Bridge Main Street Iron * Railroad Bridge River Steel
  • Road Bridge Iron * Road Bridge Steel Sections



  • 186 royalty free sound effects
  • Iron and steel bridges around Berlin
  • Recorded at 24/96 kHz
  • Download only as 34/96 kHX wav files