Detunized - Distant City Ambiences
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Background sounds of a modern city

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Detunized - Distant City Ambiences

Distant City Ambiences introduces the sounds of the ever-present noisefloor that is generated by the life in a modern city. Several spots around the hills along Dresden/Germany have been visited in order to record these noisefloors from a distance. All recordings are made with a 3-channel setup of Sennheiser MKH8020 / 8040 microphones that are able to reveal the finest nuances from an often aggressive compound of ever roaring engines, passing airplanes, trains and other acoustic emissions. The library features 16 different locations that were visited several times between October and December. Each place was recorded at different day and night times so that an entire 24h cycle of city ambiences is covered.


Recording Equipment Details:

  • w/Cw = Omni (MKH8020) or Cardioids (MKH8040) in a wide configuration
  • On/Cn  = Omni (MKH8020) or Cardioids (MKH8040) in a narrow configuration
  • LC80  = a low cut filter at 80Hz was applied during recording



88 royalty free sound effects files

Recorded at 24/96 kHz around the hills of Dresden, Germany

16 recording locations visited over a 3 month period

Download only at 24/96 kHz wav files