Shaping Waves - Planets
Product Specifications
  • 1.4 GB @ 24/96
  • 20 sound effects
  • 40 minutes of recordings
Imaginary field recordings and atmospheres from distant planets

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Shaping Waves - Planets

The Planets sound effects collection provides 40 minutes of designed atmospheres from 20 extraterrestrial locations – including different perspectives, sometimes close to the ground, sometimes far away. Some locations are buzzing with geological and biological activity others seem distant, cold and lifeless. These are imaginary field recordings and atmospheres from distant planets. All sounds are constant, ranging from one to three minutes in duration and can be easily combined to create unique variations, allowing you to dial in your own planet’s soundscape.



  • Designed science fiction atmospheres
  • 1 minute to 3 minute ambience recordings
  • Available to download as 24/96 kHz wav files
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