Digiffects Sound Effects Library

Over 24,000 Sound Effects in 19 Distinct Collections Available on CDs and HD

Digiffects Sound Effects Library provides the full spectrum of sound for your audio productions. It offers 19 distinct royalty free sound effects and more than 24,000 royalty free sound effects. The original audio recordings were digitally made in stereo providing great clarity and true reproduction of every sound. This library is formatted so that each editor can create atmospheres unique to their own productions. Each sound effect is isolated; making it easy to capture the exact sound required and place it seamlessly in any production background. This wide ranging collection includes both American and European audio alternatives of sound effects such as sirens, crowds and telephones. Choose between the 184 Audio CDs or the Hard Drive versions of the Digiffects Sound Effects Library.

Features of Digiffects Sound Effects Library:

  • European and American sound effects Digitally Recorded in Stereo 19 Distinct Sound Effects Collections
  • 24,414 royalty free sound effects Available on 184 Audio CDs – available to purchase individually and in sets
  • Also available on Hard Drive: For Mac or PC Broadcast WAV files at 16 bit/44.1 kHz, 16 bit/48 kHz and 24 bit/48 kHz sample rates

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This Product Contains Restricted Sound Effects

These sounds from this product are Restricted Sound Effects that require special licensing:

CD/Tr/Ind       Track Title Filename

Digiffects City SFX - Series A
DIGIA17-59-01 SPAIN, BULLFIGHT SpainBullfight_DIGIA17-59.wav

Digiffects Domestic SFX - Series B
DIGIB02-81-01 TELEVISON, TUNING TelevisonTuning_DIGIB02-81.wav

Digiffects Human SFX - Series I
DIGII09-37-01 SPAIN, CARNIVAL SpainCarnival_DIGII09-37.wav
DIGII09-38-01 SPAIN, CARNIVAL SpainCarnival_DIGII09-38.wav
DIGII09-39-01 SPAIN, CARNIVAL SpainCarnival_DIGII09-39.wav
DIGII09-40-01 SPAIN, CARNIVAL SpainCarnival_DIGII09-40.wav



Digiffects Sound Effects Library
Code Category Description # of CDs # of FX
A City Ambiences unique to the world's great cities from dawn's awakening to rush hour traffic. 29 1,568
B Domestic You'll find all the sounds from around the house fully isolated and crystal clear. 8 1,949
C Rural All things rural from birds in trees & cows in meadows, to farming equipment in action. 18 1,157
D Transport Impressive selection of vehicle and vessel sounds from bicycles to jumbo jets. 21 2,290
E Industry Sounds of industry: power plants, mining, steel mills, motors, and road construction. 13 1,238
F Office A vast collection of office sounds: ambiences, telephones, computers, etc. 5 594
FX FX Collection An excellent starter package. 5 835
G Leisure All forms of leisure activity: paddling a canoe, dinner in a restaurant, standing ovations, etc. 5 450
H Sports Sports around the world: tennis, hockey, karate, golk, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. 9 1.276
I Human A wide array of human sounds: a woman in labour, a baby's cry, footsteps, whistling, etc. 12 1,433
J Special A collection of processed natural & unnatural sounds: cartoons, electronic noises, war, etc. 11 4,039
K Clickshop ClickShop has switches, buttons, hits, rips, scrapes, cuts, open and closes, and lots more. 4 2,310
M Mixed Environments A variety of pre-mixed ambience tracks from many different environments. 4 112
MEGA MegaDisc Truly a mega disc - over 380 effects from a wide variety of categories. 1 383
P Power Pack Pack Pre-boosted effects with tremendous impact are louder, tougher and stronger. 7 1,743
S Surround Sound Specially selected sounds professionally recorded to create perfect surround backgrounds without the use of artificial effects. 4 235
VA Vintage Sold only as a complete set, this collection contains hundreds of hard to find vintage sounds in 8 categories. 12 1,688
X Cross Section A general cross section of sounds, including long ambiences of 5-6 minutes. 12 224
Z Zynthetic Harmony A wide selection of synthetic science fiction and fantasy effects. 4 890

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Product Specifications
 24,414 Stereo Effects
 Hard Drive with BWAV Files or 184 Audio CDs
 Individual Collections & Individual CDs Available


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