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Laughs, Cheers & Applause Sound Effects

281 Audience & Crowd Sound Effects as a Download

Leisure Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series G

450 Sound Effects of Leisure Activities on CDs or as a Download

L2 Sound Effects Library by Frank Serafine

2,740 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 10 CDs or as a Download

Lite, Emotional & Dramatic Music - Royalty Free Music

40 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD

Latin Elements Production Elements

538 Production Elements

Larger Than Life Sound Effects Library

751 BIG Royalty Free Sound Effects offered on 5 Audio CDs or as a Download

Larger Than Life 2 Sound Effects Library

1,000 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 2 DVD ROMs or as a Download

Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library

443 Royalty Free Hollywood Sound Effects on 6 Audio CDs or as a Download

Latin Romance - Royalty Free Music

A refreshing collection of 13 alluring & sparkling musical themes

Light and Dark Dones - Royalty Free Music

18 mystical, eerie and fantasy oriented drone scapes

Light Rock Music - Royalty Free Music

10 relaxed themes for rock, romance, blues & country moods

Light Romantic Music - Royalty Free Music

19 emotional, narrative, dreamy, and scenic themes

Living Rocks - Royalty Free Music

10 aggressive and carefree rock themes

Love that Jazz Vibe - Royalty Free Music

Vibraphone, piano and bass combine to create 10 jazz themes


192 kHz sound collection of two antique German printing machines