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Rural Sound Effects by Digiffects - Series C

Over 1,100 Rural Sound Effects

Royalty Free Music Collection on Hard Drive

Over 26,000 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 Hard Drive

Romantic Emotions - Royalty Free Music

25 mellow, warm and poignant themes

Roomtones Sound Effects

236 Room Tone Sound Effects on a USB Flash Drive

Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Sound Effects Library

787 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 3 CDs or as a Download

Radioactive Sound Effects Library

200 Royalty Free Eerie Sci Fi Sound Effects on 2 CDs or as a Download

Renaissance 5.1 Surround Sound Effects Library

128 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 4 CD ROMs or as a Download

Rebel Rock - Royalty Free Music

10 aggressive and arrogant rock music themes for the rebel rocker in all of us

Retro Funk with Soul - Royalty Free Music

9 themes of 1970s style swaggering, funky soul

Retro Pop and Dance Music - Royalty Free Music

A musical celebration of 10 retro dance and pop themes

Retro Rock Jingles - Royalty Free Music

21 groovin' jingles from yesteryear to keep the good times rolling

Retro Rockalike Jingles - Royalty Free Music

19 rock, sports and blues soundalikes from the 60s, 70s and 80s

Retro Rocking Decades - Royalty Free Music

Music covering the decades from exuberant rock to disco ball magic

Retroactive Rock - Royalty Free Music

14 swaggering, upbeat and expressive retro rock themes

Rock Express - Royalty Free Music

Muscular power and self-assured swaggering rock music

Rock Party Central - Royalty Free Music

10 confident, determined and arrogant rock music themes

Rock Road Trip - Royalty Free Music

15 themes, ready for action with a bold, proud stance

Rock Solid - Royalty Free Music

13 freewheeling, infectious and driven rock themes

Rockin Sports Music - Royalty Free Music

21 energetic and challenging sports themes

Romantic Piano - Royalty Free Music

10 romantic piano pieces offering a variety of emotions

Rugged Rock Spirit - Royalty Free Music

18 untamed, insistent & competitive rock music themes

Rural Roots - Royalty Free Music

14 upbeat & lively country music themes

Regal and Rural Classical Music - Royalty Free Music

Carmen, the Brandenburg Concertos, Pictures at an Exhibition and more

Romantic Classical Instrumentals - Royalty Free Music

Classical instrumentals featuring piano, acoustic guitar and clarinet

Retro TV Sci Fi Theater - Royalty Free Music

Suspenseful, eerie and spine tingling

Retro TV Sportscast – Royalty Free Music

Punchy, powerful and high energy

Retro TV Action Themes - Royalty Free Music

TV Action Themes tense and dramatic to heroic and brave

Rocking with Friends and Foes – Royalty Free Music

From rock road trips to bar room brawls

Retro Television Music Themes – Royalty Free music

A new take on old style TV music scores

Rock Music

12 themes to accompany your hero through desperate times when there is nowhere to hide

Rock Music

12 relentless, pounding, running, dangerous, intimidating, bold and unrestrained rock themes

Retro Television Sci Fi Theater

Suspenseful, eerie and spine tingling

Robot Voices

A collection of designed vocal expressions of 50 friendly and very talkative robotic creatures

Retro TV Music Themes

A new take on old style TV music scores

Retro TV Science Fiction Theater

Suspenseful, eerie and spine tingling