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Car Chase Scene Set Sound Effects

472 Sound Effects of Intense Car Chases

Cartoon Trax Sound Effects

1805 Sound Effects as a Download

Cartoon Trax 2 Sound Effects

1316 Sound Effects as a Download

Charles Maynes Signature Series Sound Effects

423 Sound Effects as a Download

CitiTrax Sound Effects

359 Sound Effects as a Download

Cosmic Environments Sci Fi Atmospheres

462 Atmospheric Sci Fi Sound Effects for Download

Creaks & Squeaks Sound Effects

773 Sound Effects available for Download

City Sound Effects by Digiffects - Series A

Over 1,500 Ambience Sound Effects from Prominent World Cities

Cross Section Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series X

224 General Sound Effects and Ambience Tracks as a Download

Complete BBC SFX Library on Hard Drive

29,420 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 1 Hard Drive

Cars - SUVs & Vans Sound Effects

More than 20 GB of Sound Effects on 4 DVD ROMs or as a Download

Cinematic Darkness Sound Effects by Boom

Over 15 GB of evil, harsh, synthetic & edgy cinematic FX

Cinematic Hits Sound Effects Bundle

More than 400 Files and 1,900 Sounds as a Download

Cinematic Metal Sound Effects Library Bundle

1500 Royalty Free Sound Effects as a Download

Cinematic Trailers Sound Effects Library Bundle

2,155 Royalty Free Sound Effects on CD & DVDs or as a Download

Close Combat Sound Effects Library Bundle

2,800 Punches, Kicks & Impact Sound Effects

Creatures Sound Effects Library Bundle

7,900 Royalty Free Sound Effects

Classical Music That's Relaxing - Royalty Free Music

Soothing, Delicate and Serene Classical Music

Classic Comedy Music 1 - Royalty Free Music

Happy, Playful, Cheeky Vintage Cartoon and Movie Music

Classic Comedy Music 2 - Royalty Free Music

Vintage Comedy and Classic Cartoon Music

Classic Drama Music 1 - Royalty Free Music

Movie Epic Adventures, Entrances and Departures

Classic Drama Music 2 - Royalty Free Music

Moments of High Drama and Suspense

Classic Showbiz Segues 1 - Royalty Free Music

Dramatic, Romantic and Heroic Segues

Classic Showbiz Segues 2 - Royalty Free Music

Red Carpets, Spotlights and Live Performances

Corporate Inspiration - Royalty Free Music

Big Picture Corporate Music

Corporate Power - Royalty Free Music

Illustrating Achievement in Business and Industry

Corporate Success - Royalty Free Music

Many Sides of Competition and Success

Competitive Sports - Royalty Free Music

Commanding Music for Sports, News and Corporations

Contemporary Country Music - Royalty Free Music

Offering a Vibrant Slice of Americana

Cinematic Music - Royalty Free Music

Music for Many Dramatic Moods and Styles

Christmas Music Bundle - Royalty Free Music

10 Albums of Royalty Free Christmas Music

Club Elements Production Elements

Club Music: Funk, Techno, Hip-Hop

Crime and Suspense Production Elements

187 Crime Scene Imaging Elements

Civilisation Soundscapes Surround Sound Effects Library

516 Royalty Free Sound Effects on a Hard Drive or as a Download

Crash & Burn Sound Effects Library

Over 400 Destructive Sounds Effects

Communications Sound Effects Library

More than 2,400 Royalty Free Sound Effects

Captain Audio Sound Effects Library

450 Royalty Free Sound Effects on CD ROM

Classic TV Sound Effects Library

1,700 Classic Vintage Sound Effects

Cartoon Express Sound Effects

5,600 Royalty Free Cartoon Sound Effects

Children at Play - Royalty Free Music

Optimistic, Joyous, Innocent

Comrades in Arms - Royalty Free Music

Original Military and Patriotic Themes

Cartoon Frolics - Royalty Free Music

Eccentric & Playful Comedy and Cartoon Music

Cartoons in Da House - Royalty Free Music

Music to Put the Caper into your Cartoons

Celtic Medleys - Royalty Free Music

Dynamic Traditional Celtic Medleys

Celtic Whispers - Royalty Free Music

Graceful and Enchanting Traditional Celtic Themes

Children's Toy Box - Royalty Free Music

Playful, Innocent and Carefree

Child's Play Jingles - Royalty Free Music

Collection of Lively, Kooky, and Zany Jingles

Chilled Easy Listening - Royalty Free Music

Wandering into Romance, Jazz and New Age

Christmas Brass - Royalty Free Music

Familiar and Comforting Echo of Christmas Hope

Christmas Cool - Royalty Free Music

Familiar Christmas Classics

Christmas Presence - Royalty Free Music

Traditional and Classical Christmas Themes

Christmas Unplugged - Royalty Free Music

Acoustic Guitar Christmas Arrangements

Church Organ Music - Royalty Free Music

Respectful, Optimistic and Inspiring Church Favorites

Classic Guitar Rock - Royalty Free Music

Solid, Deliberate and Authoritative Rock

Clowning Around - Royalty Free Music

Tumbling, Whimsical, Goofy and Silly

Club Action Music - Royalty Free Music

Club Action and Dramatic Competition

Comic Caper Jingles - Royalty Free Music

Offbeat and Unpredictable Themes

Cool American Blues - Royalty Free Music

Contagious, Strutting and Tumbling Blues

Country at Heart - Royalty Free Music

Sentimental Country Music Themes

Country Friendships - Royalty Free Music

Sincere to Swaggering Country Themes

Country Love - Royalty Free Music

Expressive Country Themes Exploring Two Sides of Love

Country Reflections - Royalty Free Music

Affectionate, Nostalgic and Tender Country Music

Country Spirit - Royalty Free Music

From Warm and Inclusive, to Upbeat and Positive

Country Traditions - Royalty Free Music

Themes for Pick Up Trucks and Crying in Your Beer

Cowboy Country Music - Royalty Free Music

Good Old Boys Sing You a Country Boy's Lullaby

Criminal Element - Royalty Free Music

Dark and Defiant Collection of Dramatic Themes

Crystal New Age Tones - Royalty Free Music

Relaxed, Tranquil and Otherworldly Themes

Chopin Classics - Royalty Free Music

Some of Chopin’s Best Known Compositions

Church Organ Christmas - Royalty Free Music

A Collection of 18 Holiday Favorites

Classical Hymns 1 - Royalty Free Music

Vivaldi Gloria in D Major Suite

Classical Hymns 2 - Royalty Free Music

Classical Ceremonial, Serene and Reflective Themes

Classical Inspirations - Royalty Free Music

Inspiration from the Ode to Joy to Hallelujah Chorus

Classical Interludes - Royalty Free Music

Classical Themes for Fantasy, Drama, and Melodrama

Classical Jingles - Royalty Free Music

Stately, Peaceful and Dramatic

Classical Overtones - Royalty Free Music

Featuring Afternoon of the Faun, The Emperor Waltz, and more

Classical Tapestry - Royalty Free Music

Bizet, Bach, Buxtehude and More

Club Dance Music - Royalty Free Music

Confident and Action Oriented Dance Music

Cinematic Horror Sound Effects Bundle

Over 370 High Definition Horror Sound Effects Files

Christmas Concert - Royalty Free Music

Traditional Christmas Carols

Christmas Harp Solos 1 - Royalty Free Music

A Celebratory Collection of Christmas Harp Music

Christmas Harp Solos 2 - Royalty Free Music

Seasonal Selection of Holiday Carols

Confident Country – Royalty Free Music

Banjo, Fiddle and Acoustic Guitar

Celtic New Age Re-Mix – Royalty Free Music

Mystical and Meditative Themes

Couples Retreat – Royalty Free Music

Expressive Solo Piano Themes

Country and Rocking Blues – Royalty Free Music

Old Southern and Driving Rock Rhythms

Cinematic Trailers Designed 2 Sound Effects

Transitions, slams, bounces, hits, cracks, whooshes and more!

Country Quick – Royalty Free Music

Rural, Positive, and Up-Tempo Country Music

Cartoon Playdate – Royalty Free Music

Childlike Exploration and Mischievous Plots

Crowds - Concert Audiences

4,500 Sound Effects of Crowds and Concert Audience Reactions

Church Bells Series Sound Effects

200 Royalty Free Church Bell Ringing Sound Effects

Classical Orchestra and Piano - Royalty Free Music

Selection of Classical Music Moods

Cartoon SFX Series

454 Royalty Free Cartoon, Comic and Just Plain Funny Sounds

Chrysler Le Baron Car Sound Effects

Car sounds of the Chrysler Le Baron

Cadillac Sedan de Ville Car Sound Effects

Car sounds of the Cadillac Sedan de Ville

Chevy Caprice Car Sound Effects

Car sounds of the Chevy Caprice Police Edition

Chevy Blazer Car Sound Effects

Car sounds of the 4 wheel drive Chevy Blazer

Chevy Suburban Car Sound Effects

Car sounds of the Chevy Suburban

Chevy S10 Pick Up Truck Sound Effects

Sounds of the Chevy S10 Pick Up Truck with Manual Transmission

Chevy Silverado Pick Up Truck Sound Effects

Sounds of the Chevy Silverado Pick Up Truck

Cinematic Elements - Fire & Water by Boom

Fire & Water Sounds - from Tiny and Harmless to Huge and Devastating

Capture the Sunlight - Royalty Free Music

Physical and Emotional Struggle

Chasing the Storm - Royalty Free Music

Heroic Standoffs & Action under Pressure

Cars - V8 Sound Effects by Boom

The Legendary Sounds of Classic Cars

Crowds and Applause SFX Series

606 Royalty Free Crowd, Audience and Applause Sound Effects

Crowds and Applause SFX Series

606 Royalty Free Crowd, Audience and Applause Sound Effects

Castle and Dungeon Doors Sound Effects

Castle gates, drawbridges and haunted houses

Creature Foley Sound Effects Bundle by Boom

Creature Foley sounds from small insects to skyscraper-sized monsters

Cinematic Metal - Titan Bundle by Boom

Dangerous. Relentless. Inevitable. Big Screen Sound Design.

Cinematic Strikes Sound Effects Bundle

Enormous Sounding Drums and Percussive Hits

Cars Sound FX

Sounds of driving - onboard and exterior - slow and fast - plus car foley

Cargo Van Sound Effects

Cargo Van Sounds

Cartoon Sound FX

Off-the-wall comedy sound effects

Cyber Weapons by BOOM

Tight, punchy, powerful samples – one of the library’s defining features. This library not only avoids the harmless pew-pew cliché – it can sound absolutely aggressive and terrifying!

Circuit Board Economy - Royalty Free Music

Circuit Board Economy is an uplifting, optimistic and motivating house, techno and electronica album for business, technology and human achievement.

Cinematic Ambiences

Cinematic Ambiences from Sound Ideas takes you straight into the silver screen with 754 full length royalty free sound effects to amaze your audience with stereo sound effects which include: animals, countries, city ambience, crowd walla, locations, nature, sports, transportation, weather, and more!

Crickets and Cicadas

A collection of cricket and cicada sound effects recorded at night and during the day.

Clocks and Mechanics

A large collection of clock sounds, ticking pendulums, chimes, mechanisms and gearwheels.

Cinematic Drones

A collection of atmospheric drones, evolving textures, layered ambiences and deep tones.

Cinematic Expressions by BOOM

CINEMATIC EXPRESSIONS specifically extends the range of your trailer sound effects palette, it’s the impact without the impact. It uses untold otherworldly sounds, transfusing the voids between hits and heavy impacts with spirited atmospheres and dynamic character.

Country Fresh

A down home country, western, country rock, swing and ballads album with guitars, slide guitar, violin and piano.

Classical One and Only

A diverse collection of classical hits performed by solo instruments featuring cello, oboe, flute, violin, clarinet, bassoon and English horn.

Classic Rock

Powerful 60’s rock in the styles of popular artists of that time including psychedelic, pop, hard rock, classic rock and rock anthems.

Creatures Humanoid by BOOM

This library features growls and snarls that will knock the socks off the listeners and really feel the horrific depth of your two-legged foes. All sounds are available in both mono & stereo with two different perspectives.

Cinematic Drama

Cinematic Drama by FRESH Music is an epic film score collection for thrillers, adventure, drama, passion and more!

Comedy Animation Collection

495 Sound Effects as a Download

ClickShop Sound Effects Library

More than 2,300 Royalty Free Sound Effects

Car SFX Library

More than 20 GB of Everyday Car Sound Effects as a Download

Cars Sound Effects

Recorded in High Definition at 24 bit / 96 kHz - Also Available as a Download

Christmas Concert

Traditional Christmas Carols

Christmas Harp Solos 1

A Celebratory Collection of Christmas Harp Music

Christmas Harp Solos 2

Seasonal Selection of Holiday Carols


Static, buzz, hum and related sounds of flowing electricity in big and small devices

Cartoon Playdate

Childlike Exploration and Mischievous Plots

Classical Orchestra and Piano

Selection of Classical Music Moods