Alphabetical List of Products

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XV Series Sound Effects

3,000 Sound Effects on 15 CDs & 1 DVD ROM or as MP3s on 2 CD ROMs or as a Download

XV Series 2 Sound Effects

1,000 Sound Effects - with Multi-platform options

XV Combo Sound Effects

4117 Sound Effects on Hard Drive or as a Download

X-treme Whooshes Production Elements

686 Production Elements as a Download

X-treme Whooshes 2

1010 Production Element Whooshes & Audio Working Parts

X-treme Whooshes 3

673 Acoustic, Electronic and Music Production Elements

Xmas Concert

Traditional Christmas Carols

Xmas Harp Solos 1

A celebratory collection of Christmas music

Xmas Harp Solos 2

Seasonal Selection of Holiday Carols