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Sound Ideas Designed Sounds and Special Effects collections are the place to find high energy, high voltage arcs and zaps, a full range of out-of-this-world explosions, and many created sounds to build your alternate reality. These sound effects are designed to energize productions with everything from boings, chimes and gurgles to sizzles, twangs, whooshes and zaps along with unique legacy media noise, static, buzz and hum. You may want to continue your search for unnatural audio among our science fiction & fantasy collections. Sound Ideas designed sounds and special effects collections are also available to purchase as individual file downloads.

More than 2,400 Royalty Free Sound Effects on DVD or as a Download
Sound Effects Toolkit as a Download
1621 Production Elements as a Download
2,088 Fully Designed Production Elements as a Download

1056 Explosive Production Elements - Available on DVD or as a Download
Explosive Production Elements - Available by Download
More than 1,700 Pre-boosted High Powered Sound Effects
A 2 CD Collection of Vintage Media Noise, Static, Buzz and Hum
773 Sound Effects available for Download

3,547 Production Elements - Your Choice of either Download, 10 CDs or 1 DVD
Horror, Sci Fi and Dramatic Drone Sound Effects
411 Royalty Free Ghosts, Apparitions, Fantastical Beasts and Atmospheres
Royalty Free Whooshes, Transitions, Production Elements & Special Effects
727 Sound Effects as a Download

High Definition Metallic Sound Effects
260 Sound Designed Royalty Free Sound Effects on CD or as a Download
2 CDs or Download more than 300 highly charged royalty free sound effects
More than 5,000 Production Elements on DVDs or as a Download
More than 4,000 Sound Effects on CDs or as a Download

More than 500 Fantastic Royalty Free Sound Effects
1,531 Friction-Driven Sound Effects on 2 DVDs or as a Download
74 Production Elements for Download
987 Production Elements for Download
750 Production Elements for Download

182 Designed Sound Effects of Ambient and Unique Sounds
2,000 Single Source Sound Effects & 96 Complex Designed Sounds
674 Digitally Recorded Designed Sounds on CDs or as a Download
1500 Royalty Free Sound Effects on CD & DVDs or as a Download
Emulating the lo-fi, gritty, digital world of the early days of gaming

A comprehensive collection of designed sounds covering all types of alarm sounds
Static, buzz, hum and related sounds of flowing electricity in big and small devices
Stethoscopic recordings of heart, lungs, bowels and blood vessels
Dark drones and thrilling textures
Rumbles, Hums and Crackles from Vintage Newsreels