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a) Search for a descriptive keyword:

Enter a descriptive keyword (like "jungle") in the "Description" field of the form on this page and click on the "Submit Query" button. This will perform a search in all of the sound effect libraries available and display all records containing that term.

You can then use the "Print" button in your Internet browser program to print the page that appears on your screen.

Note that you can enter two or more words (like "jungle ambience" or "jungle bird"), and then make use of the online search engine's Boolean features to either narrow or expand your search.

If you would like to have your search results available for importing into another software program (like MS Excel), or if you would like to use the "tag and print" or "notes" features of this FileMaker TM database, you should download either the Macintosh or Windows PC FileMaker versions of SuperSearch.

b) Search for the contents of a particular sound effect library:

Enter the search code prefix (PDF format code listing) in the "CD/DVD Code" field of the form on this page and click on the "Submit" button. This will perform a search for a particular sound effect library in order to display the entire contents of that product.

You can then use the "Print" button in your Internet browser program to print the page that appears on your screen.

If you wish to search the contents of just one CD or DVD, simply enter the complete disc number (like "6035") in the "CD/DVD Code" field of the form on this page and only the contents of that disc will be displayed.

c) If you wish to find certain sounds within just one sound effect library:

Enter the search code prefix (see the code listing below) in the "CD/DVD Code" field of the form on this page and also enter the descriptive term in the "Description" field. Then click on the "Submit Query" button. This will perform a search for a particular sound effect within just one product.

For example, to display ambience tracks in the Series 6000, enter "60" in the "CD/DVD Code" field, and "ambience" in the "Description" field. Then click on the "Submit Query" button.

Sound Effects Search Codes PDF


Code Listing for Search of Sound Effects Categories

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Product # of CDs CD / DVD Search Code
General Sound Effects Libraries
Ultimate SFX Library Hard Drive (Digital Product)
General HD Sound Effects Collection Hard Drive (Digital Product)
General HD 2 Sound Effects Collection Hard Drive (Digital Product)
General HD Combo Sound Effects Collection Hard Drive (Digital Product)
Series 6000 The General SFX Library 40 60
Series 6000 Extension I SFX Library 20 60
Series 6000 Extension II SFX Library 10 60
Series 6000 Extension III SFX Library 10 60
Series 6000 Extension IV SFX Library 10 60
Series 6000 Extension V SFX Library 10 60
Series 6000 Extension VI SFX Library 10 61
Series 6000 Extension VII SFX Library 10 61
Series 6000 Extension VIII SFX Library Hard Drive (Digital Product)
Series 2000 General SFX Library 22 20
XV Series Multi-Platform SFX Library 15 XV
XV Series 2 Multi-Platform SFX Library 5 XV
Audio Pro European SFX Library 18 AP
BBC SFX Library (CDs #01-40) 40 BBC
BBC SFX Library (CDs #41-60) 20 BBC
BMG FX Library 20 BMG
DeWolfe SFX Library 25 DW
Digiffects SFX Collection (All CDs) 160 DIGI
Digiffects City Sound Effects 29 DIGI-A
Digiffects Domestic Sound Effects 8 DIGI-B
Digiffects Rural Sound Effects 18 DIGI-C
Digiffects Transport Sound Effects 21 DIGI-D
Digiffects Industry Sound Effects 13 DIGI-E
Digiffects Office Sound Effects 5 DIGI-F
Digiffects Leisure Sound Effects 5 DIGI-G
Digiffects Sports Sound Effects 9 DIGI-H
Digiffects Human Sound Effects 12 DIGI-I
Digiffects Special Sound Effects 11 DIGI-J
Digiffects Mixed Environments 4 DIGI-MX
Digiffects Cross Section 12 DIGI-X
Digiffects Zynthetic Harmony 4 DIGI-Z
Dimension SFX Library 10 DM
L2 Sound Effects Library 10 L2
Network Sound Effects Library 120 NTWK
Studio Fontana SFX Library 26 FN
General Sound Effects Collections - Compact
The Best of the Saul Zaentz Film Center 1 BSZ
FX Collection Sound Effects by Digiffects 5 DIGI-FX
Megadisc Sound Effects by Digiffects 1 DIGI-M
SuperSampler Sound Effects 1 SUP
General Sound Effects Collections - Vintage
Classic TV Sound Effects Library 6 CTV
DeWolfe Classic SFX Library 6 DWC
The International Sound Effects Library 28 IN
The Library Sound Effects 6 TL
Vintage FX Series by Digiffects 12 DIGI-V
Ambience Sound Effects Collections
Series 3000 Ambience I SFX Library 12 30
Series 7000 Ambience II SFX Library 15 70
Series 10,000 Ambience III SFX Library 14 S10
Series 14,000 Ambience IV SFX Library 12 S14
World Series of Sound Ambience Sound Effects 21 WSS
Basic Asia Ambience Sound Effects 5 BAS
Audience Reactions Sound Effects Collections
Audience Reactions I Sound Effects 2 AR
Audience Reactions II Sound Effects 2 AR
Birds & Animals Sound Effects Collections
Just Birds & Animals Sound Effects 2 JBA
Just Birds & Animals II Sound Effects 2 JBA
Wild World of Animals Sound Effects 10 WWA
Comedy & Cartoon Sound Effects Collections
Cartoon Express Sound Effects 10 CTE
Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library 4 HB
Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures Sound Effects 5 HB05
The Original Fart Collection Sound Effects 2 PMF
The Sound Effects of Rocky & Bullwinkle 3 RB
Warner Bros. SFX Library 5 WB
Extreme Sound Effects Collections
Crash & Burn Sound Effects 2 CRB
Dark Side of Sound 2 DSS
Destructibles Sound Effects 2 DST
Impact Effects 1 1 IE01
Impact Effects 2 1 IE02
Impact Effects 3 1 IE03
Larger Than Life Sound Effects Series 5 LTL
Monsters & Creatures Sound Effects 1 MON
Power Pack Sound Effects by Digiffects 7 DIGI-P
PowerFX Sound Effects Series 5 PWR
PowerSurge 1 Sound Effects 2 PS
PowerSurge 2 Sound Effects 2 PS
Thrillers, Fantasies & Hauntings Sound Effects 3 TFH
Feature Film Sound Effects Collections
Amadeus Sound Effects Library 5 AMA
Disney Ideas Sound Effects 1 DIS
Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library 6 LF
Turner Entertainment Co. Sound Effects Library 3 TE
20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library 10 TCF
Trailer Trax Sound Effects 3 TTX
Foley Sound Effects Collections
The Art of Foley Sound Effects Series 10 FS
The Ultimate Foley Collection 3 UFC
Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects 2 SQK
Foley Footsteps Sound Effects 1 FOLEY
Foley Footsteps Winter 2 SBCD-31 &
Guns & Warfare Sound Effects Collections
Dynamic Range CDs 1 & 2 Sound Effects 2 DR
Dynamic Range CDs 3 & 4 Sound Effects 2 DR
Guns Sound Effects 5 GUNS
Sounds of War Sound Effects 1 WAR
Land & Water Sound Effects Collections
Series 5000 Wheels Sound Effects Library 24 50
Series 5000 Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects 21 50
Series 12,000 Anchors Away Sound Effects 15 S12
Series 13,000 Ship Shape Sound Effects 6 S13
Speed Sound Effects Library 2 SP
Science Fiction Sound Effects Collections
Series 8000 Sci Fi Sound Effects Library 4 80
Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 2 Sound Effects 3 80
Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 3 Sound Effects 3 80
The Big Drone 2 TBD
Designer Sound Library 3 DSL
Drone Archeology 1 DA
Jurassic Dinosaurs Sound Effects 1 JUR
Metropolis Sci Fi Toolkit 1 1 MET01
Metropolis Sci Fi Toolkit 2 1 MET02
Radioactive Sound Effects 2 RAD
Science Fiction Sound Effects 3 SFSE
Specialty Sound Effects Collections
Series 4000 Hollywood SFX Library 5 40
Series 9000 Open & Close Sound Effects Library 12 90
Series 11,000 Sports Sound Effects Library 5 S11
Special FX 5 SFX
Basic Asia 5 BAS
Blow Tools 12 SBCD-19
ClickShop Sound Effects by Digiffects 4 DIGI-K
Emergency Sound Effects 2 EMR
Just Noise Sound Effects 2 NSE
Thunder Sound Effects Series 2 THR
Underwater Sound Effects Series 3 UWT
The Works 10 WORKS
Surround Sound Collections
Immersion 5.1 Sound EffectsLibrary 14 IMM
Just Boom Trax Sound Effects 2 BMT
Renaissance 5.1 Sound Effects Library 4 REN51
Surround Sound Series by Digiffects 4 DIGI-S
Voice & Speech Collections
Great Moments of the 20th Century 3 GM
Great Speeches of the 20th Century 4 GS
Voice Box (Volumes 1 & 2) 2 VB
Voice Box (Volume 3)
Just Kids & Babies
1 VB03
Voice Box (Volume 4)
Voice Drops
1 VB04
Production Elements
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 1 1 PET01
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 2 1 PET02
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 3 1 PET03
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 4 1 PET04
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 5 1 PET05
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 6 1 PET06
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 7 1 PET07
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 8 1 PET08
Production Elements Toolkit Combo 2 PET
Elements Café 1 1 EC01
Elements Café 2 1 EC02
Elements Café 3 1 EC03
Elements Café 4 1 EC04
Elements Café 5 1 EC05
Elements Café 6 1 EC06
Elements Café 7 1 EC07
Elements Café 8 1 EC08
Elements Café 9 1 EC09
Elements Café 10 1 EC10
The Big Whoosh 1 WHO01
The Big Whoosh 2 1 WHO02
The Big Whoosh 3 1 WHO03
The Big Whoosh 4 1 WHO04
The Big Whoosh 5 1 WHO05
The Big Whoosh 6 1 WHO06
Dark Elements 1 DE
Power Distortion 1 PDE
Nitro Elements 1 NITRO


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